Training in Podcast Production

Do you want to start podcasting but don’t know where to begin?

Are you already doing podcasts but want to make them more creative?

This ‘Practical Podcasting’ Course offers in-house training on all aspects of audio production for the web, including:

    • Getting started – which equipment to buy and how it all works (it’s a lot cheaper than you think!)
    • How to record top quality audio, avoid microphone hiss and pop, mix in music so it enhances the words being spoken rather than overrides them.
    • How to develop a journalistic approach to interviewing and phrasing questions that bring out the best in your interviewee.
    • How to attract an audience for your podcasts.
    • The different ways of presenting your audio e.g. recording out on location, how to script voice links to lead from one interview to another.
    • How to make your podcasts creative with music, sound effects and appealing scripts.
    • How to source music and sound effects and avoid getting tangled up in restricting copyright issues.

I also offer courses on Audio Slide-Show production (using images alongside audio to produce features for the web).