Podcasts and Podcasts with Pictures!

NB there are examples of features at the end of this page, just click on the blue hyperlinks

I produce podcasts and audio slide-shows (podcasts with pictures!) for the web. The subject matter ranges from science and technology to history and popular culture.

The same equipment and production techniques are used for my BBC and podcast recording work. I also take photographs for the slide-show aspect, or can use photographs that you already have and would like to include.

Here are a number of reasons why you may want to consider commissioning a podcast or an audio slide-show for your website:

  1. This type of production is suitable for all topics ranging from latest academic research and media announcements to corporate internal and external communication (examples are listed below).
  2. The cost of podcasts and audio slide-shows is lower than for a film production.
  3. I can also keep costs at a competitive level because I do all the recording, audio editing, mixing and photography myself.
  4. On the recording day you only have to find a quiet room for me to record in with the interviewee/s, and arrange for them to be there.
  5. The process of recording an audio, rather than a film interview is a lot less stressful and intimidating for an interviewee.
  6. A podcast can capture and retain the interest of an audience just as effectively as a film. In the same way that a radio programme concentrates the mind of the audience on the words being spoken, the narrative and descriptions contained in a podcast work as a powerful way to get messages across. (comparing and contrasting audio slide-shows with films is like saying that watercolour is better than oil painting – they are two equally appealing and powerful mediums with different and important qualities to offer) 

In addition:

I can tailor a feature to suit your needs and your budget (e.g. you may want an audio feature accompanied by lots of images, just a few pictures or simply audio on its own).

  1. If you require a scripted narration, I also specialise in this area. I have written BBC radio scripts for a variety of well known names including Jane Garvey, Ewan McGregor and Professor Jim Al-Khalili.
  2. I can also provide additional services such as a case study with images, and an audio-only (radio style) version if you are looking to put content (without images) on to iTunes or iTunes U, as well as your own website. I can also provide a transcription of the podcast material.
  • Here are some examples of features that I have produced. Most of these work as podcasts (audio-only) as well as audio slide-shows. Therefore the audio-only version can be put on to iTunes and the slide-show version of the same story can go onto YouTube. (Many of the science features were also broadcast on the Naked Scientists Podcast and BBC Radio 5 Live on the ‘Dr Karl and the Naked Scientist programme):
  • ‘Multi-tasking micro-lights could spark a communications revolution’ – on research to develop tiny LED lights which could deliver Wi-Fi-like internet communications while simultaneously doing other tasks such as providing light and displaying information (for the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council).
  • ‘Deciphering the Dawn Chorus’ – about research in computer analysis of the sounds birds make, to find out about the social interaction that is going on (for the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Councils and Queen Mary University of London).
  • How Virtual Reality is transforming transport an audio slide show on the virtual reality laboratory at the Transport Systems Catapult.
  • A Bleeding Shame  – This is the podcast version of a BBC Radio 4 programme I also produced (of the same name) on attitudes to Menstruation. It investigates how  the continuing stigma surrounding this subject is being challenged in science, sport, education and comedy.
  • EPSRC Chief Executive Philip Nelson this is an example of how a podcast with pictures can be used to convey key messages – for internal and external communications.
  • The Science of Making Colour – on an exhibition at the National Gallery on the history of making colour over time. This audio slide-show looks specifically at how latest digital imaging techniques are literally shedding new light on the ingenious materials that have been used over the centuries to create artists’ pigments, from crushed insects to ground gemstones.
  • ‘Hearing the Past’  for BBC Online, to promote a programme of the same name on Radio 4 on research in acoustics which not only helps us to experience sounds of the past such as a ritual at Stonehenge 4,000 years ago but better sounding concert halls for the future.  I also produced the radio programme which was presented by Professor Jim Al-Khalili.
  • ‘The talking kitchen that teaches you French’ – the technology that could spark a revolution in language learning in the UK (for the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council).
  • Britain’s got Talent, ITV trailer  – recording David Walliams and Amanda Holden’s voices for this television trailer promoting the series. (not a podcast I know but recorded in exactly the same way that a podcast or radio feature is!)
  • Nuclear Energy Specialist’ – This podcast features Professor Robin Grimes who was appointed as Chief Scientific Adviser to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in 2013. 
  • ‘Knowledge Exchange Conference’ – the first major conference of its kind in the UK looks at how research can really make an impact (for the Arts and Humanities Research Council).