For any podcast/audio slide-show, writing and case study work I can also take photographs to accompany the final piece. Here are some examples of my work:

Measuring Up



Published by the Daily Mail in their coverage of a story about the development of a new ‘virtual’ tape measure that could give online clothes shoppers the perfect fit.

This was used as part of a press release that I produced for the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC).

Diana Athill final





Author and social commentator Diana Athill.

Taken at an interview for the BBC Radio 4 programme ‘Getting on Air: The Female Pioneers’.


BBC Online used this image to helpMustang madness promote ‘Mad About the Mustang’ presented by Ewan McGregor. This BBC Radio 2 programme celebrated the 50th anniversary of this iconic American classic car  (I co-produced the radio programme with Neil Cowling for Alfi Media).



‘Learning spinesectionfrom Old Bones to treat modern back pain’. From a number of images taken for a press release and audio slide-show I produced for EPSRC. The bones of people who died up to a hundred years ago are being used in the development of new treatments for chronic back pain.facetoface 3. It is the first time old bones have been used in this way.


The research is bringing together the unusual combination of latest computer modelling techniques and archaeology and anthropology expertise. The images were used by a number of media outlets including BBC Online and the Naked Scientists on BBC Radio 5 Live.


Other general images:

Hearing the Past

Professor Jim Al-Khalili interviewing Dr Rupert Till during the production of BBC Radio 4 documentary ‘Hearing the Past’.

Ashok Roy

Ashok Roy – The Director of Collections at the National Gallery



glass and tree 2

Reflective Art at Lacock

Going Underground

Going Underground

Flowers at Lacock

Feeling Flowery


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